Blog Reveal

OK, this thing seems to work.

As a software engineer, I am too tempted to write a blog software to write my own blog in. “Drink your own champagne” so to speak. Using the newest and the bestest framework, augmenting my CV (hey – this is important!) and having fun while recording it all.

But no. After trying things and bits and bobs, I must confess that the old good and boring WordPress stays the best for that.

So be it – so what if it’s written in PHP (insert gagging sounds?). It just works and also installs in 3 minutes from a preinstalled “module” provided by my old web hoster.

It just works and gets out of the way and has tons of useful plugins for everything from CDN for static images (through Jetpack) to antispam for comments (Akismet). Worpress, you’re the winner again. I’ll let the blog stay out of the way and concentrate my efforts on fun and funky software and hardware that won’t break the blog itself 🙂

Welcome, hope this will be useful to someone! It will be for me 😉